Incorporating Sales Techniques Into Successful Marketing Presentations

As a marketer, many aspects of what we do are very parallel to what someone involved in sales would do. You do your research …you find out more about the customer’s needs …you create the presentation …and then you pitch it during your “show time” with hopes of landing the client. So, if you think about it, it would make perfect sense to incorporate some tried and true sales presentation techniques to stack the cards in favor of your client loving your ideas and signing off of your presentation. Here are 5 quick “sales” tips that can help you make that happen. 1 – Create a friendly approach in which you forge a connection with the client and get their initial buy-in by explaining the direction of your presentation and what you want to accomplish. 2 – Dig in and respectfully flesh out the true needs behind what the client is asking for. Many times, they might think that what they need is X, when actually, they need Y, which is an underlying root issue that’s causing X. 3 – Get into how your product/service/idea can resolve the pain points for your client. It’s imperative here to show concrete examples of how you can resolve what keeps them up at night. 4 – Listen the whole entire time and respectfully handle their objections with facts, suggestions, and concrete information. It’s important that you acknowledge what’s making them nervous while you show them that you have ways to solve for what they are afraid of. And finally (the best part) 5 – Make sure you reconfirm that you have offered them something that truly solves their pain points and gains their commitment to either sign on the dotted line or re-approach for further discussions if you haven’t fully solved for their needs and follow this process again! Getting buy-in from a client is NEVER easy. Yet, next time you create a presentation for a client, make sure that you follow these steps during your conversation process to increase your odds of landing that marketing business!

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