The Important Impact Of Culture On Branding

Conversations about “brand culture” within the confines of what constitutes a brand and all of its elements are common. I feel that a less spoken about aspect of brands is how they represent the actual culture of others within the context of their brand. As in, you sell soap in the United States. Your branding, packaging, product type, marketing, etc., is geared toward the U.S. market. You now want to sell this same soap in India. Do you just take this same product with the same packaging and marketing messaging and just deploy it in India? Well yes, you could. But should you? Absolutely not. It just won’t be successful. Today’s world is all about the globalization of products. But with this comes the difficult task of balancing customization to reflect the new culture your product is being introduced to with the standardization that your company is known for (Logo? Colors? Brand Ambassador? Messaging? Packaging?) Even though big companies are more than tempted to just “rinse and repeat” their products into foreign markets, they just can’t use the same recipe. The formula must be customized to the new audience. Do your research, learn the local customs, and marry your “business as usual” with “exciting new frontiers.” Why is this important? Nothing resonates more with a customer than dealing with a brand that “sees” them and they feel represents them and their unique needs well. And that means sales and brand loyalty for your brand!

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