The Important Of Setting Goals And Working As A Team In Marketing

I was recently part of a group that was working on putting together a buzz marketing campaign for an up-and-coming artisan jewelry brand. For the most part, I’ve always been the type that sets off on creative ventures on my own. Having my own consulting firm, I am used to working that way. This latest project served as a great reminder for me the importance of working well with others in a collaborative environment. Thank God I was blessed with great teammates with a great attitude and loads of talent and ideas – so that wasn’t the case. It was all on me. Let this serve as a reminder to you to always keep your collaborative saw sharp by working in groups, even if it’s as a volunteer. It’s a skill that can be gained, but also lost if it’s not exercised. Also, when working in groups, be very deliberate in your conversations about the roadmap that the project will embark on. As a lone practitioner, we are so used to coming up with our idea and just going forward on our journey toward our goal. Stop and discuss. And also include others in every decision. It will be a much more pleasant and satisfying project as everyone will be represented and will feel acknowledged and heard.

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