The Theory of Planned Behavior: A Marketer’s Friend

The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) is a psychological theory that links a person’s beliefs with their behavior. It proposes that their attitude toward behavior, perceived behavioral control, and subjective norms, work together to shape a person’s behavioral intentions and behaviors. So, what does this mean for a marketer? It gives them the ability to predict a consumer’s intention to engage in a behavior at a specific time and place. The information is gold to marketers, as knowing what most likely triggers someone to take a certain action then gives the marketer the ability to proactively shape the consumer’s attitudes in hopes of guiding them to a wanted end result, such as a purchase or some other kind of desirable action. So, as a marketer, you must keep your eye on more than just branding, messaging, or packaging. You also have to keep a clear view of consumers’ attitudes as they approach your product or service. It’s imperative that you put systems in place to monitor and analyze these attitudes with the ultimate goal of shaping them and hopefully influencing final outcomes in your favor.

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