The Two Most Important Skills Today’s Marketers Must Possess

About 10 or 20 years ago, you only had to learn a defined set of analog marketing techniques to deem yourself a “marketer.”  Beyond occasional updates here and there, the real gold was in taking that limited set of techniques and working them in a way which would give you the experience necessary to elevate you to the status of expert. In today’s world of marketing, the real gold is still in working marketing techniques to gain expertise, but there are two important elements or skills that successful marketers must have. First, they have to be CURIOUS. Technology, techniques, apps, ad platforms (you name it!) are constantly changing in the marketing realm of today. You have to be curious to stay on top of your game. Read, research, network, try out new apps and platforms …always push your learning envelope forward. If not, you will fall behind and become ineffective as most marketers around you are certainly doing this. And second, you must EMBRACE CHANGE. Going back to the first point, what you did last year (or maybe even last week!) will no longer work. Algorithms change, platform interfaces change, it’s just a constant shell game of change. You have to constantly hustle, think, and analyze. You have to keep in your mind that the only thing you can count on is not being able to count on anything. Approach each project with fresh eyes and ask yourself, “How can I make this my most successful marketing campaign to date?” Keeping both of these aspects in mind is the only way to always retain your imaginary “expert marketer” badge.

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