All Rowing In The Same Direction: The Key To A Great Marketing Campaign Pitch

I recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing team to create a digital marketing pitch package for a travel and leisure product newly entering the market. It was during this arduous process that I truly understood the importance of making sure you have assembled the right team to do a job – no matter what that may be. We basically had a digital room full of very different people, but we all shared a couple of goals that I feel led to our success. First, You have to surround yourself with people that can become experts in anything. Then, they also have to be resourceful and up to the task of creating a pitch package that will knock a client’s socks off. They should also be good listeners, to both the client AND to other members of the team and make themselves available to each other. And after the entire group takes this big idea and summarizes it into a concise and killer pitch package, they have to have the passion and true goal to put everything they have forward and pitch to the client with all they’ve got!

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